Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies

Past Editors

Juliet Bellow, 2017–20
David Raskin, 2014–17
Sheryl Reiss, 2011–14
Lucy Oakley, 2008–11
Frederick Asher, 2005–8
Larry Silver, 1999–2005
Robert Nelson, 1998

Editorial Board Members
Stanley Abe, 2003–7
Frederick Asher, 2003–8
Laura Auricchio, 2008–12
Eddie Chambers, 2018–20
Julie Nelson Davis, 2007–11
Eduardo de Jesús Douglas, 2017–21
Jesús Escobar, 2006–10
Cynthia Hahn, 2002–5
Katherine Haskins, 1998–99
Michael Ann Holly, 2009–13
Suzanne Hudson, 2013–18
Sandy Isenstadt, 2000–2003
Leila Kinney, 1998–2001
Elizabeth Marlowe, 2010–14
Robert Nelson, 1998–2002
Lucy Oakley, 2006–8
Steven Ostrow, 2006–10
Andrei O. Pop, 2016–20
Sheryl Reiss, 2001–04; 2010–15
Conrad Ruldolph, 2010–14
Tomoko Sakomura, 2011–15
Tanya Sheehan, 2012–16
Larry Silver, 1998–2005
Pepper Stetler, 2017–20
Annabel J. Wharton, 2005–9

Council of Field Editors
Stanley Abe, 2001–4, Chinese Art
Daniel Adler, 2004–8, Exhibition Reviews (West Coast)
Leslie Anderson, 2017–20, Exhibition Reviews (West Coast)
Molly Emma Aitken, 2009–15, South/Southeast Asian Art
Kate Palmer Albers, 2012–15, Exhibition Reviews (Southwest)
Joseph Alchemes, 2011–14, Exhibition Reviews (New York and Northeast)
Gwen Allen, 2015–18, Artists’ Books and Books for Artists
Leslie Anderson, 2017–20, Exhibition Reviews (West Coast)
Mark Antliff, 1998–2002, 19th-Century Art
Frederick Asher, 1998–99, South Asian Art
Laura Auricchio, 2007–12, 18th-Century Art
Jacquelyn Baas, 2007–10, Exhibitions Reviews (West Coast)
Yekaterina Barbash, 2010–13, Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Art
Andrea Bayer, 2013–15, Arts Administration and Museum Studies
Juliet Bellow, 2011–17, 19th-Century Art
Janet Berlo, 1998–2001, 20th-Century Art
Phillip Bloom, 2017–20, East Asian Art
Susan Best, 2015–18, Exhibition Reviews (Australia and New Zealand, Modern and Contemporary Art)
Elizabeth Boone, 2001–7, Pre-Columbian and Colonial Latin American Art
Emily Braun, 2002–5, 20th-Century Art
Elizabeth Brown, 2010–13, Exhibitions Reviews (Northwest)
David Carrier, 1998–2006, Theory and Historiography
Karen L. Carter, 2016–19, Design History
Susan Casteras, 2008–11, Exhibitions Reviews (Northwest)
Faya Causey, 2017–20, Museum Studies
Eddie Chambers, 2014–20, African and African Diaspora Art
Megan Cifarelli, 2014–17, Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Art
Carol Clark, 2016–18, American Art
Eve D’Ambra, 2002–5, Roman Art
John Davis, 1998–2001, Japanese Art
Julie Nelson Davis, 2001–10, Japanese Art
Maarten Delbeke, 2006–9, Architecture and Urbanism, Pre-1800
Vittoria Di Palma, 2009–13, Architecture and Urbanism, Pre-1800
Darby English, 2009–12, Contemporary Art
Jesús Escobar, 2003–9, Spanish Art
Kate Ezra, 2008–13, African Art
Hannah Feldman, 2005–8, Exhibition Reviews (New York and International)
Emine Fetvaci, 2016–18, Islamic Art
Andrew Finegold, 2015–21, Pre-Columbian Art
Lisa Florman, 2015–18, 20th-Century Art
Wayne Franits, 2005–11, Exhibition Reviews (Northeast, Pre-Modern)
Cynthia Hahn, 1998–2007, Western Medieval and Byzantine Art
Natilee Harren, 2015–18, Exhibition Reviews (Southwest)
Katherine Haskins, 2001–4, Electronic Technology
Anne Heath, 2015–21, Medieval Art
Christopher Heuer, 2010–15, Northern European Art
Patricia Hills, 2011–14, Exhibition Reviews (Northeast, Modern and Contemporary)
Eva Hoffman, 2005–8, Chinese and Korean Art
Michael Ann Holly, 2007–13, Theory and Historiography
Elizabeth Hutchinson, 2010–13, American Art
Erik Inglis, 2006–8, Medieval Art
Sandy Isenstadt, 1998–2004, Architecture and Urbanism, 1800–present
Patricia Kelly, 2008–12, Exhibition Reviews (Midwest)
Christina Kiaer, 2010–15, 20th-Century Art
Jennifer Kingsley, 2012–15, Exhibition Reviews (Southeast)
Leila Kinney, 1998–2001, 20th-Century Art
Linda Komaroff, 2008–9, Islamic Art
Christine Kondoleon, 1998–2004, Greek and Roman Art
Janet Kraynak, 2010–13, Exhibition Reviews (New York) 
Charles Lachman, 2005–11, Chinese and Korean Art
Anca Lasc, 2018–21, Exhibition Reviews (New York)
Babatunde Lawal, 2001–4, African Art
James Lawrence, 2005–8, Exhibition Reviews (Northeast)
Patricia Leighten, 1998, 20th-Century Art
Pamela Lee, 2006–9, 20th-Century Art
Constance Lewallen, 2010–13, Exhibition Reviews (West Coast)
Patricia Mainardi, 1998–2004, 19th-Century European Art
Kristin Makholm, 2004–8, Exhibition Reviews (Midwest)
Elizabeth Marlowe, 2005–11, Greek and Roman Art
Jonathan Massey, 2009–13, Architecture and Urbanism, 1800–present
Marian Mazzone, 2004–8, Exhibition Reviews (Southeast)
Elizabeth Merrill, 2015–18, Exhibition Reviews (New York)
Adelheid Mers, 2009–13, Arts Administration and Museum Studies
Nancy Micklewright, 2002–5, Islamic Art
Iris Moon, 2016–19, 18th-Century Art
Eric Mumford, 2002–6, Architecture and Urbanism, 1800–present
Kevin D. Murphy, 2013–19, Architecture and Urbanism
Marjorie Munsterberg, 2008–11, 19th-Century European Art
Robert Nelson, 1998–2002, Medieval Art
Nancy Netzer, 2011–15, Medieval Art
Diana Ng, 2010–16, Ancient Greek and Roman Art
Douglas Nickel, 2000–2006, Photography
Mignon Nixon, 2007–10, Contemporary Art
Megan O’Neil, 2012–15, Pre-Columbian Art
Lucy Oakley, 2004–8, 19th-Century European Art
Sylvester Okwunodu Ogbechie, 2007–9
Alpesh Kantilal Patel, 2015–18, Contemporary Art
Andrei O. Pop, 2013–19, Theory and Historiography
John Pultz, 2006–9, Photography
Sheryl Reiss, 1998–2004, Early Modern and Southern European Art
Susan Richmond, 2015–21, Exhibition Reviews (Southeast)
Elizabeth Rodini, 2008–11, Exhibition Reviews (Southeast)
Conrad Rudolph, 2008–10, Medieval Art
Tomoko Sakomura, 2010–15, Japanese Art
Marika Sardar, 2010–15, Islamic Art
Michael Schreffler, 2012–15, Early Modern Iberian and Colonial Latin American Art
Andrew Schulz, 2005–8, Exhibition Reviews (Pacific Northwest)
Alexandra Schwartz, 2018–21, Contemporary Art
Tamara Sears, 2015–18, South/Southeast Asian Art
Jon Seydl, 2008–11, Early Modern and Southern European Art
Andrew Shanken, 2003–7, Architecture
Tanya Sheehan, 2009–15, Photography
Mary Sheriff, 1998–2007, 18th-Century Art
Larry Silver, 1998–2010, Early Modern Northern European Art
Howard Singerman, 1999–2005, Contemporary Art
Mark Sloan, 2004–8, Exhibition Reviews (Southeast)
Cheryl Snay, 2006–11, Exhibition Reviews (Southwest)
Maya Stanfield-Mazzi, 2018–21, Latin American Art
Christopher Steiner, 2014–15, African Art
Margaret Sundell, 2007–10, Exhibition Reviews (NY and International, Modern and Contemporary)
Kirsten Swenson, 2011–15, Contemporary Art
Martha Tedeschi, 2000–2003, 19th-Century Art
Greg Thomas, 2005–11, Exhibition Reviews (Asia)
Ellen Wiley Todd, 2001–7, American Art
Janis Tomlinson, 2009–12, Spanish Art
Maureen Turim, 2000–2003, Photography
Angela Vanhaelen, 2015–21, Northern European Art
Charlene Villaseñor Black, 2007–12, Pre-Columbian and Colonial Latin American Art
Monica Blackmun Visonà, 2004–7, African Art
Marsha Weidner, 1998–2001, Chinese Art
Helen Westgeest, 2015–18, Photography
Tony White, 2009–15, Artists’ Books and Books for Artists
Cécile Whiting, 2007–10, American Art
David Wilkins, 2004–11, Early Modern Southern European Art
Lily Woodruff, 2017–20, Exhibition Reviews (Midwest)
Robert Wojtowicz, 2007–10, Architecture and Urbanism 1800
Aida Wong, 2011–14, Chinese Art
Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, 2017–20, Exhibition Reviews (Northeast)